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Air Ambulance

When emergencies or special needs call for an air ambulance, time is of the essence. That is why our air ambulance rentals are fully stocked with medical equipment and supplies. Nothing is more important than getting you or your loved one to their destination safely and fast. With an air ambulance rental from us, you are only a call away from the help you need.


Agusta 109

This helicopter rental may be a lightweight, but do not be deceived! The Agusta 109 has the speed and beauty with some Italian flair. Sitting comfortably 4-6 passengers our Agusta 109 rental, you will gaze at the ground below and get to your destination fast and in style. ​This aircraft is sleek enough for executive travel but strong enough for military use!


Bell 407

Feel the power of 700 horses rumbling as you soar through the sky like a bird in this beautify Bell 407 helicopter rental. Manufactured for durability and distance, this helicopter knows how to get the job done and look good doing it! ​Carry up to 6 of your colleagues to the destination of your choice and charter our Bell 407 today!


Bell Jet Ranger

As the worker bee of the helicopter models, the Bell Jet Ranger is built to go the distance! Powerful and durable with comfortable seating for up to 4 passengers, our Bell Jet Ranger rental is an excellent choice in chartered transportation! Don’t let the simple design fool you; the Jet Ranger will outlast the flashier models any day!


Bell Long Ranger

Need a vehicle that will go the distance and carry up to 6 passengers? Then the Bell Long Ranger is the helicopter rental for you! Similar to its sister the Jet Ranger, this no-nonsense designed vehicle is ready to take to the sky. This steady machine flies at a cruise speed of 150 mph. Turn up the heat and take this baby for a spin!



This is one sexy helicopter rental and with cruise speeds of up to 155 and 4 passenger capacity, the Eurocopter is perfect for corporate travel! The sleek design inside and out will transform your business trip into a pleasure cruise. Skip the lines at the airport, and arrive rested, relaxed, and a whole lot faster than flying commercial. ​Charter a Eurocopter today and be on your way!

MD 902

One step into this helicopter rental and you will feel like you’re in a limousine! The MD 902 is exceptionally comfortable even with powerful turbo twin-engines. One unique feature found on this helicopter is the lack of a tail rotor, which means a quieter and more luxurious ride for up to 6 passengers. Get there fast and in style.


Sikorsky S76

Need to talk business and get to your destination fast? The Sikorsky S76 has been labeled a VIP executive helicopter and for good reason! Comfortably seating up to 4 passengers and carrying an excellent safety record, the Sikorsky S76 is the perfect choice for your chartered transportation. Speed, comfort, and dependability is the name of the game here!


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