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Turboprop Charters

King Air 350

Some think of the classics and think of Johnny Cash, but we think of the King Air 350. When you charter this turbine driven aircraft, you are renting a piece of history and making memories at the same time! Known for its dependability and predictable handling, the King Air 350 is a great plane charter choice for up to 7-9 people. When you figure cost per passenger and time save...


King Air 90

Grab your bags and buckle up, it’s going to be a smooth ride! When you charter a King Air 90, you will not only be transported to your destination at top speed but in style and comfort! Manufactured to glide through the air like, butter the king air seats up to 7 people and is an excellent way to bypass the lines and layovers at the airport. Charter your King Air 90 today!


King Air B200

You can go to the airport, wait in line to check in, fight with the agent because you bag is one pound overstuffed, grow roots in the line at TSA, then wait in tiny chairs for the inevitable endless delays, only to be stuffed into a cramped seat like a professional wrestler stuffs himself into leotards, if you really want to. OR you could fly with us on this King Air B200, avoid all that, and relax.


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