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Bentley Rental Miami


Do you aspire to make a bold impression? Some dream of owning a house on the seashore, others wish to buy an exotic and luxurious car, like a Bentley. At Premier Auto Rentals, you can make this dream come true by renting one of our luxury cars.


Why a Bentley Car Rental May Be Ideal for You?


Bentley has always demonstrated style, class, and performance. In the car industry, the brand is known as the worldwide leader in the Gran Turismo class. If you need to attend a special event, have an unforgettable road trip, or plan a romantic weekend, this British automobile manufacturer is ideal for your desires. 


Since 1998, the brand has created many stunning models. Every Bentley model perfectly embodies luxury, taste, and safety. Bentley blends handcrafted details and design with a high-power engine, making it the best exotic and luxury rental car in the industry. 


If you are hoping to impress others, we guarantee any Bentley model you choose will do the job. For example, the Bentley Bentayga excels under all driving conditions. This model offers all-terrain specifications, autonomous parking, digital display for infotainment, automatic stopping in high-traffic conditions, and many more features.


Hire Bentley Luxury Cars


If you are thinking of renting an exotic and luxury car in Miami, you understand why choosing a Bentley is an attractive choice. Premier Auto Rentals offers the incredible Bentley Bentayga, Bentayga Hybrid, and Bentley Continental models. All of these offer experiencing something extraordinary.


If you need exotic vehicles in Miami Beach, South Beach, West Palm Beach, or Fort Lauderdale, we have a luxury car fleet guaranteed to impress. The Bentley brand is a subsidiary of Volkswagen, and has all the fantastic features of its English manufacturer.  Any Bentley model you choose to rent will not go unnoticed on the Miami streets. Visit Premier Auto Rentals today, the luxury vehicle destination that will satisfy your every need.


The Bentley performs on-road and off-road. The British brand does not only offer you a luxurious feel, but also top-notch performance.


Why Choose Premier Auto Rentals Miami for a Bentley Rental?


Premier Auto Rentals promises to provide the best car rental services in Miami and South Florida. Our garage has an impressive diversity of exotic and luxury sports cars, offering you the flexibility of renting whatever model captures your attention. We understand our clients have high expectations for their rental luxury vehicles. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure you find a fantastic car that fits your needs and specifications.


Make your car dreams become reality. With our car rental services, you can rent exotic cars and make a statement wherever you go.  A Bentley is sure to enhance your family vacation or business trip. If you are renting a Bentley, consider it an investment. Invest in your image, brand or memories with a Bentley.


Our team makes it easy to rent a Bentley for an hour, a day, a week, or even a month. As soon as you fulfill our rental requirements (valid driver’s license and 25 years of age or older) and choose the model you want to rent, we will contact you for payment proceedings. If you believe Bentley is not the best rental for you, consider a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or other exotic car instead. We will reserve any model you want for your desired dates at reasonable prices. Rent a Bentley today and turn heads wherever you go!




Can I rent a Bentley for one weekend day?

Unfortunately, no. While we understand you may want to rent a car for one weekend day, there is an incredible demand for weekend rentals. That is why a weekend guarantee for a single-day rental in advance is not feasible. 


How many miles can I drive my Bentley?

If you are renting a Bentley, our rentals include 100 miles of freedom and enjoyment per day. After the 100 miles, there are additional mileage rates.If you double the 100 miles,  you will be charged $3 per mile in addition to the standard rates. All mileage charges will be deducted from your security deposit.


Can I Rent a Bentley for just one hour?

That is perfectly fine! Although, keep in mind  this option is only available for specific cars. We offer better deals for rentals longer than one hour, so be sure to consider all options.


Will my car insurance cover the rental of the Bentley?

Yes, it will! If you have full-coverage insurance (collision, liability), your insurance covers the car you rent from us. 


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If you want to drive a Bentley, you have come to the right place. Here at Premier Auto Rentals, we have dedicated ourselves to choosing luxury car rentals that encompass everything Bentley has to offer: class, performance, and luxury. Here at Premier Auto Rentals, you will find the best car for your vacation at the most incredible deal possible. Let us provide you access to a refined driving experience without sacrificing power and performance. Contact us today without hesitation!

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