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BMW Rentals in Miami

Are you looking to elevate your Miami trip with exotic car rentals? Well, look no further than the dynamic handling and powerful turbocharged engines of the BMW 7 Series 740i. Most BMW cars are packed with the latest technology, comfort, and engineering. A BMW rental can provide an unmatched experience for travelers. 

BMW Rentals Miami

The BMW 740i is a world-class sedan. This BMW car is built for elite travel, but all our car models redefine exotic, sport, and luxury vehicles in the Miami community. Premier Auto Rentals offers the best luxury car rental service, reasonable prices, and excellent service in Miami. 


Call us today, and let’s discuss how you can rent a car from us and start on a reservation for your BMW 740i rental.

BMW 740i Features

The BMW 740i was designed to provide a perfect balance between luxury and performance. This BMW car has a 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine generating 335 horsepower. You can also choose from its four different driving modes to accommodate your personal driving experience. 


The BMW 740i has aesthetic enhancements like its custom lightweight alloy wheels, chrome accent finishing, adaptive LED headlights, and automated high beams. The luxurious cabin is made with the finest materials, and the cabin offers ample head and legroom to provide superior comfort. 


The BMW 740i rent a car offered by Premier Auto Rentals can easily sit five grown-ups due to its spacious interior. The car also has several noteworthy upgrades like a wireless charging station, gesture control, carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, and an active kidney grille.

FAQ about BMW rentals in Miami, FL

Your BMW rental will accentuate your status since Business Insider magazine referred to this car as the most luxurious vehicle in the world. Enjoy the convenience of traveling in a premium class vehicle on your next business trip. 


Premier Auto Miami offers affordable rental prices and special offers. If you desire to exceed expectations and attract admirers, then make a reservation with us to rent a car for your Miami Beach trip.


Here are some of the most asked questions we get about securing a BMW vehicle, making a reservation, and how to rent a car from us. Contact us today at Premier Auto Rentals in Miami, FL for pristine vehicles and excellent customer service. 

What are the requirements for a BMW 740i car rental?

If you’re looking to rent one of our premium exotic, luxury, or sport vehicles, then you’ll need a valid driver’s license, proof that you’re 25 years or older, and valid payment methods like VISA, MasterCard, Debit, or cash. 

What makes the BMW brand unique?

BMWs come with state-of-the-art designs while offering the speed and handling of a sports car. BMW vehicles have a rich history and are engineered to provide a quality driving experience with superior attention to detail. 


All BMW vehicles offer the following features:


  • Powerful engines 

  • Automatic transmissions

  • Stylish appearance

  • Modern technical equipment 

  • Upgraded safety systems

  • Comfortable interiors

  • High-speed performance 

  • Superior handling

How much does it cost to rent a BMW in Miami?

The cost of your rental will depend on the length of your rental and the amenities necessary to provide you with the best possible service. We offer competitive pricing, and we’ll work tirelessly to ensure that you get the rental vehicle you need at the price you can afford. 

How Does Premier Auto Miami Operate?

We take our rentals very seriously; that’s why we make the extra effort to ensure your rental and return process go as efficiently as possible. When you find the BMW you like on our website, rest assured that it is the BMW car you’ll receive.  The photos provided on our website are of the actual vehicles you can rent, not stock photos. 


Not only that, each car we offer is detailed and sanitized before each rental so that you step into the dream car you’ve always wanted to drive when you’re ready. We also offer flexible rentals that can last days or even hours. Our aim is to meet our customers where they are and provide the best exotic, luxury, or sports vehicle to fit their expectations and budget. 


After you reserve your rental, we will contact you directly to arrange payment.  One of our representatives will speak with you directly, arrange payment, deliver the rental agreement, reserve your exotic car, and deliver the BMW or other sports car of your choice to your door when you are ready for it.

Do you offer hourly rentals for BMW?

We are the first exotic car rental company in Miami to offer hourly rentals. We provide this service because we are delighted when people fall in love with driving exotic cars.  We make it affordable to try it out because we believe that everyone should experience what it’s like to drive the best vehicles ever manufactured. 

What’s the security deposit for Miami exotic car rentals?

Many Miami exotic car rental services ask for a $10,000 deposit. Since we take a more customized approach to our deposits,  our refundable deposits range from $500-$2,000.  We match the deposit to the value of the exotic car you are renting to your insurance level.  By doing this, we help you minimize how much money you have invested in your rental.

Why should I choose Premier Auto Miami for my BMW rental?

Premier Auto Rentals Miami offers competitive pricing, an easy-to-use website, a smooth rental process, and customizable deposits.  If you still aren’t sure if the BMW 740i is the right car for you, reach out to us and let us assist you in finding your perfect rental. 


We look forward to enhancing your Miami driving experience. Check our Google reviews for quality recommendations from some of our satisfied customers.  We strive to exceed expectations by delivering the best exotic car rental experience you’ve ever had. We look forward to meeting with you when we deliver your beautiful BMW 740i or another exotic luxury automobile straight to you.

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