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Drive down the streets of  Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, and Atlanta in style with our exotic and luxury rental cars. Premier Auto Rentals will cater to your every need and requirement so you can drive your dream car. Our team proudly offers a premium experience when you visit our branches for stylish and luxurious car rental services. Choose from a fine selection of elegant car rentals, including sophisticated sports cars, roomy SUVs, or ultra-luxury supercars. If you are searching for premium car rentals, look no further than Premier Auto Rentals in Miami, Florida.

Aston Martin

If you are seeking luxury, Aston Martin might be the choice for you. Aston Martin presents stylish and classic cars, gaining fame as 007’s ride of choice. Since conception in 1913, Aston Martin has reached legendary status for its sophistication and class. Its history demonstrates what a company can achieve with passion, excellence and determination. If you are eager to drive a grand tourer or fast sports car, Aston Martin can deliver both. Choose the Aston Martin Vantage GTS and enjoy the breeze in Miami. Call us today and secure your reservation!


Since its creation in 1909, Audi has made a strong presence in the worldwide car industry. Audi has successfully accumulated a loyal fan base with their cutting-edge technology, excellent fusion of straightforward and sophisticated styles, advanced German engineering, and extensive range of models. You can rent an Audi in Miami and South Florida for a day, week, or longer. If you want to try an Audi model, take a road trip, or attract attention, you can choose from our variety of convertibles and luxurious cars to meet your needs.


Bentley has always focused on a combination of performance and luxury.  You can now enjoy the distinctive features of a Bentley by renting one from Premier Auto Rentals. We have dedicated ourselves to providing luxury car rentals that encompass everything Bentley has to offer: class, performance, and luxury. If you would like to drive a Bentley, you have come to the right place. Premier Auto Rentals can provide the best car for your vacation, and at an incredible price. We can provide access to a refined driving experience without sacrificing power and performance.


Cruise in luxury and comfort in our BMW 7 Series 740i car rental in Miami and South Florida. If you rent a 7 Series, you will soon understand why it is considered one of the world’s finest cars. Cutting edge technology makes BMW 7 Series 740i a vehicle that handles and performs like a sports car, but is as elegant and comfortable as a limousine.  If you are eager to exceed expectations and attract attention, do not hesitate to contact us! We are dedicated to serving those seeking exquisite cars. Allow us to provide you with the ultimate driving experience with the BMW 7 Series 740i.


America’s Sports Car’ is so groundbreaking it is challenging to describe its influence. For an unforgettable driving experience, consider  a Chevrolet Corvette that offers stand-out features. This includes a stunning interior, impressive exterior, roomy trunk, and impressive power (a minimum of 455 hp). The Chevrolet Corvette has a long history of popularity among sports car enthusiasts, because of its style, look, and sheer perfection. At Premier Auto Rentals, we have the most popular, new, and beautiful Corvettes. Take a ride in a Corvette on Miami roads, and enjoy the thrill and adventure. Choose Premier Auto Rentals when booking your reservation for a Chevrolet Corvette.


Ferrari presents extravagance and luxury, and is one of the world’s largest luxury sports car brands. Ferrari is also a leading winner of Formula 1 tournaments. It is natural to dream about driving a Ferrari, and now you easily can. If you are looking for a luxurious car that will impress, look no further than our Ferrari models. These include the classic Ferrari 458 Italia, the new 488 GTB, and the extravagant Ferrari California. Renting a car does not need to be stressful and expensive. Which is why our team makes experiencing a premium Ferrari ride easy. Not owning a Ferrari does not mean you cannot experience driving one of these iconic Italian sports cars.


Do you want to experience a powerful V6 engine? Then the Ford Mustang may be just what you are searching for. Enjoy a thrilling ride on Miami roads while hearing the rumble of this iconic convertible car. Founded by Henry Ford, the Ford brand has become synonymous with American innovation since 1903. If luxury and power are what you desire, rent the Ford Mustang from Premier Auto Rentals for a day, week, or even longer.


A great way to experience the white sand beaches and vibrant world of Miami, FL, is to rent a Jeep Wrangler from Premier Auto Miami. Jeeps were originally used as World War II vehicles, and today’s models are still reminiscent of the same classic design. Jeep ensures a stylish driving experience, and a vehicle prepared for all the adventures that may come. If you have never driven a Jeep Wrangler, you are in for a treat. The iconic look of our Jeep cars encourages outdoor adventure. Contact us today to rent your vehicle!


While you may not want to add a Lamborghini to your garage, you may want to experience the luxurious and high-performance of a Lamborghini by renting one. Here at Premier Auto Rentals, we provide an extensive selection of sports cars and luxury vehicles. Whenever you are renting a Lamborghini, you can be sure you will make a bold statement. From the moment you start your car,  you will understand why Lamborghini has a raging bull as its badge. Whether you are looking for a dazzling visual effect or raw power, renting a Lamborghini should be at the top of your renting list.


Lexus cars are known in the automotive industry for their  looks, performance, and exclusivity. If you rent the Lexus GX 460, you will also find extensive safety features and uncompromising craftsmanship that creates a long-lasting impression. Drive our Lexus GX 460, and you can expect to impress. Lexus car rentals will satisfy any driving enthusiast seeking an excellent experience, both on the Miami roads or at a special event. Instead of admiring the Lexus GX 460 from a distance, experience the power and thrills for yourself. Contact us today to schedule a reservation!


Italian automobiles have a great reputation, and Maserati is no exception. Maserati has become one of the premium names in the luxury car industry. If you would like to drive a Maserati in Miami, we can provide you with several choices. These cars are an eye-catching presence on the road. Rent a Maserati today and benefit from refined engineering on and off the race track. From powerful engines, spacious interiors and aesthetic exteriors, you will find everything you hoped for in a Maserati. Safety, speed, or handling, the brand excels in all. 


Seeing a McLaren may be rare, but renting one does not need to be expensive. Premier Auto Rentals offers the McLaren 650S, so you can enjoy the ride of your dreams.  Appearing like a car from the future, McLarens are famous for their racing history. Whenever you are driving a McLaren, you can feel the adrenaline. McLaren perfectly combines race-inspired technology with safety.


There is no doubt  Mercedes-Benz is the archetype of elegance and luxury. The brand is one of the most sought after in the world, and is proven to offer the experience of a lifetime. At Premier Auto Rentals, we provide an extensive fleet of Mercedes-Benz that you can rent for as long as you need. You will discover that Mercedes-Benz is the right rental car for every occasion. Mercedes-Benz ensures driving pleasure, horsepower, and speed. Reserve your Mercedes-Benz from Premier Auto Rentals today!


With such extensive car rentals to choose from, selecting the perfect one can be challenging.  If you want to turn your next ride into an epic driving experience, selecting the Porsche 911 might be the correct choice. Famous for its stylish elegance, race performance, and evolving ingenuity, the iconic brand can energize your vacation and make a bold statement. Thanks to Premier Auto Rentals, you can bring your ultimate driving experience with our luxury car rentals. It only requires a few minutes to book your reservation!


Want to experience true British class and elegance? Choose Rolls-Royce, one of the leading automobile brands in the world. You can elect to rent the four-wheeler and enjoy the powerful yet exquisite driving experience you deserve. Rolls-Royce has it all. Whether you seek a mighty engine, high-tech features, comfort, or design, Rolls-Royce is your ideal choice. Hire a car rental from Premier Auto Rentals and enjoy an unparalleled sense of luxury. Contact us today at (305) 680-1266 and find the perfect exotic car!


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