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Ferrari Rentals in Miami

Ferrari is one of the biggest luxury sports car brands in the world and a leading winner of the Formula 1 tournaments. It’s only natural for motorheads to dream of cruising in the streets of Miami in a sleek model of Ferrari and showing off that iconic logo. But of course, not everyone can afford the super expensive car. Thankfully, if you want to be a Ferrari owner for a day or short period, you can rent it. Premier Auto Miami is a rental company in Miami with all the exotic automobile picks in our fleet. We rent all the prominent models of Ferrari. Call us now to reserve your ride for your next event. You’ll be the envy of all your friends.

There’s something about Ferrari rentals Miami that just screams luxury and extravagance. If you’re looking to feel like a celebrity for a day or want to make an impression at your next business meeting, renting a Ferrari is the way to go. Our models include the classic Ferrari 458 Italia, the new 488 GTB, and even the luxurious LaFerrari. Plus, our rates are very affordable, especially when you compare it to buying a brand new Ferrari. So don’t wait any longer. Call Premier Auto Miami today and book your exotic or luxury car rental in Miami! We guarantee you won’t regret it.

Not only are the cars amazing, but the rates are very affordable as well. You can’t go wrong when choosing Premier Auto Miami for your exotic car rental Miami needs.

Exotic Or Luxury Rental – What’s The Difference?

When it comes to exotic or luxury car rentals, there can be a lot of confusion about what the difference is. After all, both can be pretty luxurious and may seem like they’re just one step below owning your own car. So, what’s the difference?

The main difference between exotic and luxury rentals is that exotic rentals are usually sportier cars. They may have more powerful engines or be designed for speed and performance. Luxury rentals, on the other hand, are typically more comfortable and luxurious cars. They may have features like heated seats or sunroofs and are perfect for long drives or special occasions.

If you’re looking for a car that will turn heads when you drive it around town, then an exotic car rental is a perfect choice. If you’re looking for a car that will make you feel pampered and luxurious, then a luxury rental is the way to go.

What Makes Ferrari So Popular?

When it comes to luxury car rentals, Ferrari is always one of the top picks for those who want to feel like a celebrity for a day. There is no other car that can give you the same luxury and power feel as a Ferrari can. Our exotic car rentals offer some of the most luxurious and rare vehicles in the world, so if you’ve always wanted to experience what it’s like to drive one, now is your chance.

Ferrari is a household name in the automobile industry. It’s one of the leading names in competitive racing competitions and can also be seen drifting around in the streets of Miami, awing people as it passes by. What makes the car so special and expensive?

The founder of the company laid special emphasis on the car’s design, which is why you’d notice that Ferrari is easily one of the most exquisite-looking cars in the world. The powerful sound of the engine is also why some car enthusiasts would love to grab the opportunity to drive the sports car that is not only an absolute beauty on the road but also on tracks. Be it the speed, the engine, the control, the looks, or the comfort, there’s hardly any other car brand that can walk shoulder to shoulder with Ferrari.

But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Ferrari has been able to create a mystique around its brand, which is why people are so fascinated by it. Owning a Ferrari gives you a feeling of luxury, power, and exclusivity. It’s no wonder that celebrities and elites are often spotted driving around in Ferraris. In fact, if you want to feel like a celebrity or simply want to enjoy the luxury and comfort of a Ferrari without having to spend too much, renting one would be your best bet.

When you rent a Ferrari, you’re not only getting behind the wheel of an Italian sports car but also joining an exclusive club of luxury car enthusiasts.

It’s easy to guess why the prices of Ferrari models are sky-high, with some of them costing about $404,494. The expensive manufacturing materials and techniques play a critical role in the lofty price tags of Ferrari cars. No wonder some of the biggest names in Hollywood have at least one Ferrari model in their garage. But just because you can’t make this beauty a part of your personal fleet doesn’t mean you can’t get a trailer of the luxury car. Renting a model is one of the easiest ways of experiencing the bliss of driving a Ferrari. You can experience the utter ease and comfort of driving a model firsthand by renting it for a corporate event, a wedding reception, or even prom night. Premier Auto Miami is your best bet if you’re looking to rent in Miami. We can lend you a model at an affordable rate. Get in touch with us to get a quote.

What’s The Difference Between A Ferrari And Other Sports Cars?

Ferraris are different than other sports cars because they’re built for speed and luxury. While other sports cars might provide a good driving experience, Ferraris are in a league of their own. They’re extremely fast and can handle curves with ease. For a smooth driving experience, then renting an exotic car like the Ferrari is the way to go.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Ferrari In Miami Beach?

Ferrari is an expensive car. It’s ideal to rent one instead of buying one to save yourself from a lifetime of maintenance and sky-high fuel expenses. In Miami, you can expect Miami rentals to range anything between $995-$1999, excluding the security deposit you’d have to pay the company. Naturally, the rent for an hour, a day, or a week would differ. Don’t forget to add the expenses of the fuel into the equation as well while calculating your total expenditure.

What To Expect When Renting A Ferrari In Miami?

If you’re looking for exotic car rental in Miami and you want a Ferrari, you can expect luxury, comfort, and speed. The car is designed for luxury and performance, so it’s perfect for those who want to feel a surge of adrenaline and luxury at the same time. It’s important to remember that driving a Ferrari is not like driving any other car. The handling is different, so be sure to practice in a safe area before taking the car out on the open road. Remember to obey all traffic laws and signs while behind the wheel of your exotic or luxury rental.

What’s The Best Time To Rent A Ferrari In Miami Beach?

There isn’t really a bad time to rent a luxury car like the Ferrari. However, renting it during off-season will definitely be cheaper than during peak tourist season. If you’re not too bothered by the weather conditions and are looking for a great deal, then go ahead and rent it in the offseason. Another thing you could do is wait until there are promotional discounts or deals being offered by rental agencies before making your decision. However, if you want to enjoy the luxury and glamour of driving a Ferrari around Miami, then go ahead and rent it even during peak tourist season, which is the summertime.

Miami is a great place to take an exotic car rental out for a spin, and what could be better than doing it in a Ferrari? The weather is warm and the roads are clear, so you’ll be able to enjoy the ride without having to worry about anything else. If you’re looking for luxury car rentals that will provide an amazing experience, renting a Ferrari in Miami during the summer is the best idea.

How Many Miles Can You Drive In A Day?

The number of miles you can drive in a day depends on how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re renting the car for just a few hours, then you might not be able to cover too many miles. However, if you’re renting it for an entire day or even a week, then you can easily drive up to 500 miles without any hassles. Just be sure to keep track of the number of miles you’ve driven and refuel the car as needed.

Why Choose Premier Auto Miami?

From Ferrari to Lamborghini, Porsche, and Mercedes, there is no popular car brand whose models Premier Auto Miami doesn’t own. We have been in business in Miami for years now, providing car rental services and working towards winning the faith of countless of our clients and succeeding. If you’re looking to rent a Ferrari for a high-profile event, Premier Auto Miami is the company to connect with.

Ferrari 488 Spider Silver is one of our top picks, with many of our customers demanding the distinctive sound, 661-horsepower, and 3.9l twin-turbocharged V8 engine to impress their guests. We also have plenty of other luxury vehicles to choose from, with exotic and luxury cars of all colors gracing our garage.

Ferraris is often rented out for weddings, luxury events, and races. If you’re looking to make a statement with your ride, there’s no better option than renting a Ferrari. The company has a wide variety of luxury vehicles to choose from and caters to all types of events, whether you’re renting for an important business meeting or just want to take the family out for a spin on the weekends.

If you wish to rent a Ferrari for your next event, call us to make the booking. Check out our website to browse the listings of luxury vehicles and compare the specifications of all the models we have to offer. Once you’ve made your pick, contact us to get a quote. Reserve online, or call us to book.

Ferraris are some of the most popular luxury car rentals in Miami. They make a statement and turn heads wherever they go. If you want to feel like a celebrity for a day or two, then renting a Ferrari is definitely the way to go. But with so many different models and brands to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. That’s where Premier Auto Miami comes in.

We are experts when it comes to luxury car rentals in Miami, and we have a wide selection of Ferraris to choose from. Whether you’re looking for luxury cars like the classic Ferrari 458 Italia or the new Ferrari 488 Spider, we have something for everyone. We also have a range of other luxury car brands, including Lamborghini, Porsche, and Mercedes. So no matter what your taste or budget may be when you need car rental services, we have the perfect car for you.

Apart from exotic and luxury cars, you can also contact us to rent a yacht and aircraft. Want to host a cruise party? We’ve got you covered. Just like our car inventory of luxury vehicles, we have yachts and aircraft of several prominent brands in our fleet. You can check the listings from our website. If you have any queries regarding our services or our automobiles, we are only one call away.


Rent A Ferrari, Live the History

Enzo Ferrari did not start out wanting to make street legal exotic cars. He was perfectly happy making race cars, when he started Scuderia Ferrari in 1929. Ferrari didn’t even build cars from scratch. He would buy Alfa Romeo cars for racing, the rebuild him to his specifications, and put them on the track. Alfa Romeo decided to get out of racing in 1933, so Scuderia Ferrari took over and fielded many famous drivers. Five years later, Alfa Romeo wanted its racing team back and formed Alfa Corse with Enzo Ferrari agreeing to stay on as the manager of the new racing department, shuttering Scuderia Ferrari.

Just a year later in 1939, Enzo Ferrari left the racing company Alfa Corse with the agreement that he would not use the Ferrari name for his race cars for four years. Just days later, he started Auto Avio Costruzioni, in the same facilities where he had housed the old Scuderia Ferrari. Supposedly, his company manufactured aircraft accessories and tools. In 1940, Ferrari built a race car without the Ferrari name using a Fiat base. That car was the Tipo 815 and was his first car. The car’s first appearance was at the sparsely attended Mille Miglia. World War II had everyone’s attention elsewhere besides racing. In fact, the allies destroyed his entire factory in 1943, which he had moved to Maranello. Ferrari rebuilt, and the factory is still there today.

A Brief History Of The Ferrari

Few names are as synonymous with speed, style, and performance as Ferrari. The storied Italian brand defines the supercar market the same way Apple defines personal devices and Nike dominates the sports shoe market.

But where did Ferrari come from? What are the factors that led to their place in the upper-echelon of the automotive world? How did one man inspire so many ideas about what a car could be, what it could do?

Keep reading for a brief yet fascinating history of the Ferrari.

The Early Years

Such a blend of power and grace could only come from Italy. Founded in 1929, in the city of Modena by Enzo Ferrari, the then-called Scuderia Ferrari was more of a driver’s club than a manufacturer.

In 1937, Enzo was brought on to head Alfa Romeo’s racing division, where he stayed for two years before departing to build his own vehicles. He relocated to Maranello where he established the original Ferrari manufacturing plant and, though the primary intent was to provide parts to aid in the Second World War, he produced his first car in 1940, the Tipo 850.

Though the factory was bombed during the war, he rebuilt it, and so began the company that became the Ferrari of today.

By the late-1960’s Enzo recognized the need to bring on a partner to help stay competitive, Ferrari entered an agreement with Fiat that saw Enzo give up 50% off his company for access to funds and tools that allowed him to grow his company.

Corporate Identity

Over the years, a few key features have become tied to the brand. These have allowed the company incredible marketing opportunities while also becoming shorthand for the brand itself.

Chief among these is the Cavallino Rampante, or ‘Prancing Horse,’ logo for the company. It was suggested to him in 1923 by Countess Baracca, mother to a World War 1 ace fighter pilot who featured a similar design on his fighter plane.

Enzo modified the logo from its original inspiration and used it as the logo for his racing team. He continued its use when he began manufacturing his own cars, the unbridled power of the horse suggesting what his cars were capable of.
Another identifying characteristic of Ferrari is the color red.

Between the First and Second World War, the company that would become the International Automobile Federation recommended that manufacturers paint their colors based on their country of origin: green for England, blue for France, white, or, sometimes, unpainted silver for Germany and red for Italy.

Though it was more a corporate decision than an inspired one, the color lends itself perfectly to the passion inspired by the brand.

Important Cars

To keep this a brief history of the Ferrari is to focus just on the key vehicles that defined the company. The list of cars bearing the Prancing Horse is a long one, but these are the ones to know to understand the company.

166 Inter

The first international success for the brand, the 166 Inter featured a 2.0-liter V12 that produced a then-impressive 90 horsepower. A Grand Tourer, the 166 Inter was a practical daily-driver, a marked departure from the race cars they were primarily known for.

275 GTB

The incredibly stylish 275 GTB was a two-seater GT car with a 3.3-liter V12 food for 280-300 horsepower. It featured the now-familiar corporate grill and was a preview of the type of styling that would become an essential part of the brand.


One of the defining vehicles to come from Ferrari, the Testarossa was a revelation when it was introduced in 1984. At the time, it’s 4.9-litre, V12 boxer engine made it the most powerful street car at the time, offering a then unheard of 390 horsepower.

It’s being featured on prime-time’s Miami Vice made it an indelible part of the excess of the 80’s, allowing it an aspirational quality that elevated it above the competition.


With success leading to excess, the popularity of the Testarossa had led to Ferraris getting a little soft. Demand led to additional packages that helped widen the profit margin but did little for their reputation as being performance-driven.

To bring the brand more in line with its racing history, Enzo developed the F40, the last car he built before passing away in 1990.

Until this point, all Ferraris had utilized a front-engine, read-drive layout. The F40 saw the company introduce the first of many mid-engine vehicles, allowing for optimal balance and handling.

A no-frills interior was evidence of the focus on driving and only driving. With a 2.9-liter, twin-turbo V8 mounted just behind the driver, the F40 produced a monstrous 471 horsepower.

Unintended Consequences

As much as Ferrari has contributed directly to the evolution of the supercar, their existence has also led to the indirect creation of some of their greatest rivals.

In 1963, Ford had gotten word that Ferrari was interested in partnering with Ford to help them get involved in Le Mans racing. A million dollars in due diligence later and Ferrari backed-away. Scorned, Ford dug deep and produced their legendary GT40 with the sole intent of beating Ferrari at their own game.

But it wasn’t just foreigners that wanted to take down the Italian company. Fellow countryman Ferruccio Lamborghini, then-owner of a successful tractor manufacturer, was so disappointed with his experience owning Ferraris that he approached Enzo Ferrari himself with his concerns. When Enzo brushed him aside he decided he could do better and began development of his own automobile company, thus birthing the perhaps more-impassioned Lamborghini.

Fewer brands have led cars from being objects of utility to objects of desire than Ferrari. From their early days on the race track to their current standing as building high-performance vehicles that you can live with day-to-day, Ferrari has a clout that few other manufacturers can match.

Theirs is a history of evolution and refinement, an example of existing at the highest-level and continuing to push higher. The history of the Ferrari is that of never settling.

Getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari is no longer the domain of the ultra-wealthy. Give us a visit and book one for your own once-in-a-lifetime driving experience. Discover the difference between driving and driving a Ferrari.

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