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To live your ultimate car fantasy at affordable costs, you should consider the exotic and luxurious models from Ford. Cruise the Miami streets in grand style and excite your driving experience without the expense of purchasing a vehicle. At Premier Auto Rentals, we have the ideal cars to suit your needs and specifications. Want to test a Ford before buying one? Contact us today, and we can make it happen for you. Only at Premier Auto Rentals can you find such excellent car rental deals.


Why Consider the Ford Mustang as a Car Rental?

The history of Mustang is impressive. While some call the early Ford Mustangs pony cars, they were actually named after a fighter plane from World War II. Henry Ford created the concept of the Mustang, and shaped how muscle cars were manufactured. The original Mustang hit the road in 1964, but its success became official when the car was featured as a pace car on racetracks in America.


Ford ended up selling over 1 million Mustangs. They have remained top-rated throughout the years and continue to be so today. Ford has become synonymous with American innovation, and today, the brand is the fifth largest automaker in the world.


If you do not consider yourself a fan of older Mustang models, do not worry. The Ford Mustangs are far more evolved now, perfectly blending excellent performance, advanced technology, great handling, and appealing design. Furthermore, its luxurious interior is made of the finest materials to ensure ultimate comfort. The Mustang also has a 5.0 engine with 420 horsepower and 390-pound feet of torque.


The four-wheeler is the ideal option when you want to visit Miami in grand style and enjoy the state of sunshine with your family and friends. Premier Auto Rental is the best rental agency if you want to rent a Ford Mustang or another exotic car. Depending on your rental preferences and requirements, we can offer a selective price for our Ford vehicles.Contact us today to find the best deals and make a fierce impression with Ford Mustang rental car services.


Mustangs Are About Cool Design & Great Performance


The high-powered engine of a Ford Mustang is obvious before you even get behind the wheel. The Mustang’s performance has only improved over time. The six-speed gearbox offers a smooth handling capability, so you can enjoy freedom on the road. Thanks to the electronic power assisted steering, the Mustang adjusts on any road surface. Rainy, snowy, or sandy the Mustang is built for all.


If you are searching for the ultimate driving experience, choose the convertible Ford Mustang. The car is a thrill ride, and its excellent performance will give you a rush on any road.


Here at Premier Auto Rentals, we understand our clients have high expectations for their rental cars. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure you find a fantastic car to fit your needs and specifications. We love cars, and love making our clients happy. Call us at (305) 680-1266 to book your reservation!


Ford Rental at Premier Auto Rentals Miami

Driving the roads of Miami can be an incredible experience for all drivers. Why not turn this experience into an unforgettable one? At Premier Auto Rentals, we can make all your car fantasies become a reality. With our car rental services you can rent the most exotic luxury sports cars, and make a statement wherever you go. Whether on family vacation to Miami Beach or on a business trip, a Ford Mustang rental will enhance your journey.


How Does the Ford Rental Process Work?


The rental process has never been easier. As soon as you fulfill our rental requirements (valid driver’s license and age of 25 or above), you can browse our fleet of exotic and luxury sports cars. Premier Auto Rentals has collections of top-of-the-line luxury cars, refined foreign sports cars, and good old-fashioned American Muscle. If you are interested in choosing the elegant Ford Mustang, reserve the vehicle online or contact us directly at (305) 680-1266 to secure your rental!


If you need an additional driver to pick you up from the airport or another location, contact us for arrangements. Once you schedule a pick-up time, we will await you with the perfect car. After your rental period has concluded, we can schedule an ideal drop-off location and time. Your own insurance is not required to book your favorite Ford vehicle. At Premier Auto Rentals, there are no surprises. When renting the Ford Mustang, you will have unlimited mileage, unlike other exotic cars which have mileage limitations. We ensure excellent service and a great price for all Ford rentals.




Can you deliver my Ford Mustang earlier or later than your delivery hours?


Yes, delivery times are flexible. Contact us as soon as possible, and we will develop a delivery plan that works for you. Premier Auto Rentals offers free delivery of exotic and luxury car rentals between 9.30 am and 10.00 pm. We are happy to deliver your exotic rental car outside of delivery hours for an additional charge.


Will my regular car insurance cover the rental of an exotic and luxury cars such as a Ford Mustang or even a Lamborghini?

Yes! If you have full-coverage insurance (liability, collision, and comp), your insurance will carry  and cover the car you rent from us.


What is the security deposit’s purpose?


Exotic cars are extremely expensive. That is why Premier Auto Rentals uses a refundable and reasonable security deposit for all luxury car rentals. Depending on your vehicle choice and insurance level, the security deposit may range from $500 to $2,000. We will refund the deposit upon the vehicle’s return, and the passing of a thorough inspection. You will then receive your balance minus any extra mileage charges or minor damages. Please consider it may take up to 3-5 business days following the return of your car to receive your refund.


I need to rent a car for only one hour. Can you help me?


Yes, it’s okay with us! However, please consider  this option is available only for some specific rental cars. It may be in your best interest to rent a car for more than one hour, as we offer better deals.


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Contact Premier Auto Rentals if you want to rent a Ford Mustang in Miami and South Florida. We are the best place for luxury and exotic car rental services. Contact us at (305) 680-1266 and book your reservation!

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