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How It Works...

3 Easy Steps for How to Rent an Exotic Car in Miami

STEP 1. Learn more about our company to be sure we are the best exotic car rental company in Miami.

That’s right!  We want you to be completely comfortable with your choice of exotic car rental companies.  We know there are a lot of websites on the internet that claim to be the best exotic car rental Miami, but the reality is that a lot of them are listed at fake locations and don’t really have inventory. They rent from someone else and mark it up to you. Check out why we think we are the best, and if you agree, let’s move to step 2.

STEP 3. Reserve online or call us directly to secure your rental to make sure the exact exotic car rental is available for the time you need it.

Renting an exotic car is designed to make your time in Miami more exciting, luxurious, relaxing, and fun.  That’s why we take your rental seriously.  We make the extra effort to make the rental and return process as easy as possible.

Our Miami Exotic Car Rental Website Is Premier

Starting with your first time on our site to turning the keys in at the end of the rental, we make everything go smoothly.

You’ll notice the difference.

On our site, we have categorized every car so that you can easily find the exact car that matches your needs for this rental. 

Want to turn heads on South Beach with the top down by getting attention with the growl of the engine and keeping that attention with the unmistakable lines and profile of one of the world’s most famous supercars?  Start with the Exotic Car Rentals page.

Do you prefer to roll up to the club ballin’ like only the top 1% of the top 1% can do?  Head to our Luxury Car Rentals page.

Would you rather save some money to drop around town while you’re cruising to many attractions, but you still wanna look great and ball out?  Visit the Sport Car Rentals page.

Once you are on the page that best represents your wishes for your next rental, you’ll find that we went the extra mile to help you know exactly what you will be renting.  How?


Lots of pictures…

Probably more pictures than necessary, but we have nothing to hide.

When you find the car you like, you can rest assured that it’s the car you’ll get.  These are NOT stock photos of random cars.  These are photos taken by a professional photographer that we hired to photograph every nook and cranny of every car in our inventory.  We want you to be able to see every detail and every angle of every exotic car rental we offer.  With between 50-100 high quality photos of almost every car, you can see in vivid detail exactly what you are getting.

Not only that, but every car is detailed and sanitized before each rental.  You’ll get a like-new rental that looks just like the photos.

Our Communication Is Premier

With about a million ways to reach us, we make it easy to get your questions answered quickly or to get your vehicle booked for exactly when you need it.

If you just want to flash lights from the Atlantic Ocean offshore from South Beach from your yacht, we’ll see if we can find someone who knows Morse Code. 

To be honest, we probably aren’t going to do the last one, but you get the point…

We make it easy to communicate.

Our Rental Terms Are Premier

Hourly exotic car rental?


Test drive multiple exotic cars in one day, get the required Lambo shots for your music video, or just taste the exotic car rentals life for an hour before you decide on a longer-term rental.

We are the first exotic car rental company in Miami to offer hourly rentals, and we are happy to see so many people fall in love with driving exotic cars because we make it affordable to just try it out.  We really believe that everyone should experience what it’s like to drive the best vehicles ever manufactured to truly understand the value of the craftsmanship of every detail of these cars. 

Once you drive these cars, you’ll no longer wonder why they are so expensive.  That’s why we constantly look for ways to help more people experience the difference of exotic cars.

Our Transparency Is Premier

We don’t hide anything. Our Frequently Asked Questions pages answers just about any question you may have about renting an exotic car from Premier Auto Miami – Exotic Car Rentals Miami, but if the question you have isn’t answered there, hit the chat button or call us, and we’ll be happy to go into detail on any questions you still have.

Our Exotic Car Rental Discounts Are Premier

What’s better than renting an exotic car?

Renting an exotic car at a discount!

We help our customers reduce their overall bill by giving them free days.  When you rent a car for 3 days, you get a 4th day for free.  Rent for 3 hours, get a 4th hour free.   That whole free day or hour of rental drastically reduced the price of your overall rental bill.

Our Rental Process Is Premier

We take car of the entire rental process before you ever arrive.


We either pick you up at the airport or deliver your rental right to your hotel, house, apartment, condo, office or wherever is best for you. 

Exotic car rental deliveries are free from 9:30 am to 10:00pm, but we’ll even deliver outside of those hours for a small fee.

Our Payment Process Is Premier

We take your privacy very seriously.

After you reserve your rental, we will contact you directly to arrange the method of payment.  None of this entering-your-credit-card-online-hoping-it-stays-safe stuff.  One of us will talk with you directly, arrange payment, deliver the rental agreement, reserve your exotic car rentals, and deliver the car to your door when you are ready for it.

We even accept Bitcoin for exotic car rentals.

Of course, we accept all major credit cards and cash, as well.

Our Security Deposit Is Premier

You’ll find that almost every exotic car rental in Miami wants a whopping $10,000 deposit.  We take a more customized approach to deposits.  Our refundable deposits range from $500-$2,000.  We match the deposit to the value of the exotic car you are renting and the level of insurance you have.  Doing this, we help you minimize how much money you have tied up during your rental.

Premier Auto Miami – Exotic Car Rental Miami Is Premier

We hope that by now, you can plainly see why we are the best exotic car rental company in Miami.  Best prices, best website, best process, best deposit.  If you still aren’t sure, reach out to us in the way that is easiest for you.

We look forward to enhancing your Miami experience.  We strive to deliver the best exotic car rental experience you’ll ever have.  Our Google reviews prove that we usually exceed client expectations.

We look forward to meeting you when we deliver your beautiful exotic car rental directly to you in Miami.

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