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Renting a car usually is not fun but a necessity, unless it is an exotic car rental  in Miami Beach.  An exotic car rental is often much easier to afford than buying an exotic car outright.  With the cost of maintenance, insurance, depreciation and other costs an exotic car rental takes the expense out of owning an exotic car.  

For those drivers who only want or need to drive an exotic car once in a while, an exotic car rental makes perfect sense.  These are cars that are low, sleek, and unmatched in how they handle.  They have an impressive style of a foreign sports model that to even the most critical eye it is impressive.

 Treating yourself to this kind of reward is exciting, for a special event or as a surprise gift from our inventory can make a fantasy come true. These refined models are performance rich sports cars that have the style and horsepower to thrill the driver and passenger. Our entire inventory of exotic car rentals, supercar rentals, luxury car rentals, and all sports car rentals are listed right here on this page. You need to look no further than right here to rent the car of your dreams.  

Whether you are looking to live your ultimate car fantasy for a day, roll up to your Miami conference in style, or you want to try several supercars for a day before you decide which one to buy, Premier Auto Miami has the right car for you.

 Scroll through our inventory on this page, and when you find the car you absolutely NEED to experience, call us immediately to reserve it, so that your dream whip will be waiting to help you own Miami for the day.  It’s Miami! If there is one place in the world where you NEED to be driving the best car, it’s Miami! Even if only for a day…Experience the best that Miami life has to offer!  

Whether you are treating yourself to a well-deserved reward for all your hard work that has paid off, giving a gift to someone that they’ll never forget, needing to show up to an important even in style, or just wanting to have fun in a great car for a day, you’ll accomplish your goal with an exotic car rental from Premier Auto Miami.

Operating Exotic Car Rentals
Driving an exotic car rental is an adventure on any roadway. This is a car that can go from zero to 60 in a few seconds with the amount of horsepower under the hood and a long history. A history that began with the first model in 1929 when Scuderia Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari. This is a model that did not start out being a designed model, but instead, the company took over Alfa Romeo in 1933 with Enzo rebuilding the cars to his specifications. During the war in 1943, the factory where the cars were built was destroyed and rebuilt where it remains today. The long history of this car had its first car with the Ferrari name put out in 1947. This car was designed as a street model as a way for Enzo to pay for his racing vehicles. Then in 1988, the model released was claimed to be the most renowned supercar ever produced for consumers. The Lamborghini, an Italian sports car, is a performance rich car with an impressive instrument panel at the driver's fingertips. This is a model with a V-10 engine and transmission that can produce 602 BHP. It has a dual clutch for a seven-speed transmission in a road hugging Huracan Coupe. This Lamborghini is an exotic car rental to drive for a fun weekend or any special event because it is not just impressive to drive it is also a style that is an elegant to sports car enthusiast.
Exotic Car Rentals are Cost Effective
Renting this kind of car while high-end exotic car rentals is the way to have the best car on the road and without the costly upkeep and repairs. Owning one of these luxury vehicles is expensive however the ability to rent a Lamborghini for any occasion is perfect. It is also without the need to worry about payments, repairs, upkeep, or storage this is all the more reason it is exciting to drive. This is a car that will turn every eye. The rental leaves all the obligation of keeping up with the car on the rental company's shoulders. Since it is not the responsibly of the driver, it is all a fun adventure with this caliber of a sports car. These super-car models have the style and horsepower that the driver can cruise around town, or visit the best location, and event with a classy exotic foreign sports car.

Premier Auto Miami: Exotic Car Rentals

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Rolls Royce are only the tip of the iceberg when talking about the most luxurious and high-performance exotic car rental in the world. At Premier Auto Miami, our focus is to inspire our clients by enhancing that emotional connection to the exotic car experience. One of the most justified and frequently asked questions about the decision to rent exotic cars is “How much does exotic car rental cost?” We always respond and preface the question by saying “Driving these cars is a BLAST”.

We at Premier Auto Miami also emphasize that being able to sit in much less drive these cars is a once in a lifetime experience for the average person. The cost to purchase one of our exotic vehicles range from the mid $200,000’s to $400,000. We justify the price of our exotic car rentals by explaining the overall cost of ownership while building up the excitement of driving these amazing vehicles.
Let’s take a look at some of the exotic car rentals we are currently offering:M

Miami Beach: The Millionaire's Playground Exotic Car Rentals

Sunny Beaches, Beautiful Woman, Vibrant Club-Scene and oh yeah let’s not forget the immense collection of exotics car rentals driving down Ocean Dr; From Top Automakers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren you’ll find them all in all kind of eye popping colors; you can call it the Mecca of Supercars. For those who have the means to afford these ultra luxurious automobile rentals, it’s a standard and a status quo to be cruising around Miami Beach in $200k plus cars for days or even weeks, are they pass along leaving every bystander in awe. 

This exotic car rental is an experience like never felt before, and for a fraction of the cost you could be behind the wheel and in control of this colorful beasts… the perfect aerodynamic contours, the premium interior accents, and a roaring 600+Horsepower engines that can get you to 0-60 in a blink of an eye. Miami is a place to splurge, money it’s never a subject here. From luxurious hotels, fancy restaurants and best clubs in the world you need to be pulling in all those spots with the proper class of exotics cars only at Premier Auto Miami.

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